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Amazon Review from M. Barton of The Adventures of Silas Freethorn: A Puritan Tale

D.J. Renner is an outstanding storyteller! He first provides some basic historic background information. This in turn helps to place the reader squarely into every moment, and to understand what is happening. The reader is transported to mid-1600s America, where, with much feeling, Silas Freethorn himself recounts his tale of adventure. He is a thoughtful individual, and his story of learning, survival, love, and coming-of-age will stay with you for a very long time.​

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D.J. Renner's second book Raising Dad, Using Middle School Rules is now available. Tragedy strikes a small-town Adirondack Mountains family when the mother dies in a freak accident. Now, the two middle-school age students must figure out how to move forward without their mother. The challenges grow even larger when their father begins to fall apart. Renner, a Social Studies teacher in upstate New York, has combined knowledge and interest in history with his experiences teaching middle school to pen stories that students, as well as many adult readers, are enjoying.   Renner is currently working on his third book, Little Land of Loose Ends.

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I met the author at a summer festival and bought both of his books. We are both educators, so the conversation flowed easily. This book is fast-moving, well-written and, in my opinion, a reading delight for adults and teens.I learned a lot about history while I was reading - the "hook" of a good middle school read!

I highly recommend this author - his talent of thinking like a middle school student is evident, and his story telling prowess impressive. I am sharing this book with everyone I know!

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Amazon Review from D. M Hensley after reading The Adventures of Silas Freethorn: A Puritan Tale

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