(This book) is an emotional roller coaster! Jess, an eighth grade girl...learns to navigate middle school after the loss of her mom. Jess goes through many ups and downs...using lessons and rules learned through her experiences in middle school... she helps get her Dad back on track, but she doesn't realize she is forgetting to take care of the most important person...herself. (Jess) becomes an independent, considerate, young woman. (The book) provides the reader with a realistic outlook of going through middle school and learning to take care of yourself, even through the hard times.

Review of The Adventures of Silas Freethorn: A Puritan Tale by Ian Bailey, grade 8.

(This) is a great story that can be enjoyed by all ages. DJ Renner has written a novel you can't put down. At a young age, (Silas) feels he does not belong in his Puritan New England society. After some bad things happen...Silas is forced to run away and begin his adventure. For seven years Silas meets many new people and experiences many new cultures. The book is written so you understand everything (about the time period). This book is one worth reading! 

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Review of Raising Dad, Using Middle School Rules​, by Alayna Wian, grade 8.

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Amazon Review from D. M Hensley after reading The Adventures of Silas Freethorn: A Puritan Tale

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D.J. Renner is an outstanding storyteller! He first provides some basic historic background information. This in turn helps to place the reader squarely into every moment, and to understand what is happening. The reader is transported to mid-1600s America, where, with much feeling, Silas Freethorn himself recounts his tale of adventure. He is a thoughtful individual, and his story of learning, survival, love, and coming-of-age will stay with you for a very long time.​

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Little Land of Loose Ends

Available Now! Releases April 2019.

     D.J. Renner's third book, Little Land of Loose Ends, is scheduled for release in April, 2019. Hank and Anna Schaeffer made their dreams become reality. Anna now runs an upstate New York farm, in the small town of Keene Valley. Property covered with beautiful fields of berries, apples, vegetables, and even a large greenhouse. 

     When Anna goes to hire a seasonal worker she comes home with Nick Hanson. A young man in need of a helping hand like so many others the Schaeffers have helped in the past. Nick quickly becomes like a part of the family and forms a special bond with their 16-year-old adopted daughter Lulu.

     When Anna's mother, who is struggling with Alzheimer's, moves in and Hank is forced to change careers young Nick begins to act differently. His behavior causes them to question, who really is Nick Hanson?

     Will they figure it out in time?

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