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                       How do you go on without the most important person in your life?

Tragedy strikes in a small Adirondack town in upstate New York. When Jess’s mother dies in a freak accident, she and her brother are devastated. Now, as they struggle to deal with their own grief, their father begins to fall apart.

And there are other problems – the problems that come with navigating everyday middle school drama.

Jess is determined to get Dad back on track. Armed with lessons learned in middle school and from her mother, she  attempts to help everyone – except herself.

Can Jess overcome her own grief to keep up her grades, maintain friendships, and handle the sudden attention of her long-time crush? This emotionally charged tale will have you cheering for the family to get back on track, and wondering if that’s is even possible after losing someone so important in your life.

                                             RAISING DAD, USING MIDDLE SCHOOL RULES

                                    “A+++ story. I cried. When is the second book coming out?”

                                                                            Hollie, Grade 8

   “A beautiful, heartwarming story. Will Jess, Colin, and their father come to terms with the                                 tragedy in their past or hold onto their painful memories?”

                                                                           Camilla, Grade 7


A wild ride through seventeenth century North American colonization...


Young Silas Freethorn realizes from a very early age that he doesn't quite fit into Puritan New England society. Witnessing whippings and hangings, and living by strict rules, lead him to behaviors and thoughts that aren't tolerated in his community. Luckily, he meets and befriends Abigail Reed. Pretty and cunning Abigail, gives Silas the friend he needs to tolerate the society they live in. However, an unfortunate series of events leads to a betrayal that forces Silas to leave home and begin an improbable adventure.

For the next seven years, Silas struggles to stay alive as he grows from a boy to a man. His adventures lead him to a Wyandot Native American Indian village, through the Appalachian Mountains with a pair of French fur trappers, and eventually to a Spanish mission that is being built. Brave Silas is forced to make many difficult decisions along the way while still confronting burning questions about the betrayals in his past.

What destiny does his future hold?

Will he survive to follow his chosen path?

 A Puritan historical fiction book for middle school to adult readers

The Adventures of Silas Freethorn: A Puritan Tale

D.J. Renner

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