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Dj Renner Books "The Adventures of Silas Freethorn: A Puritan Tale"

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​​​​The Adventures of Silas Freethorn: A Puritan Tale
By D.J. Renner

 Why is this book a great addition to your Middle School Social Studies or English curriculum?

1. This story intertwines mid 1600’s colonization by portraying aspects of life in English, French, and Spanish settlement as well as Native American Indian tribal life.

2. This book aligns with the seventh grade Social Studies curriculum and has endless possibilities for cross-curricular projects that involve early colonization or Northeastern Native American tribes.

3. Recognizing lifestyles and influences of Northeastern Native American tribes on European settlers is one of the major curriculum changes under the new C3 Social Studies Framework.

4. This book offers numerous possibilities to address Common Core Standards. It includes a Glossary of Words with Historical Significance, map detailing location of early tribes, and historical background information.

5. This historical fiction story will inspire ideas for activities involving primary sources and writing projects.

6. Students in seventh grade English classroom literature circles have read this book and provided excellent reviews. (Student feedback actually contributed to the final version)

7. Written by a current middle school social studies teacher who previously taught AP US History.