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"This book was the best book I read over the summer. I usually don't read historical fiction. However, it was very interesting because of how the main character, Silas, lived within so many different cultures throughout the book. I liked how the author took a few pages to begin some chapters to explain each culture...I would recommend this book to anyone that likes adventure, emotion, and pure historical facts. Overall, this book was amazing and I couldn't put it down!"

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September 16- Round Lake United Methodist Church, Vendor/Craft Fair, 9-3

​October 1- Sandy Hill Farmers Market, Hudson Falls, 8-2

​October 6- PEP Authors at the Football Game, Schuylerville HS, 6-8:30

October 7- Brant Lake Author Day at Farmer's Market, Northway exit 25

​November 5- Chronicle Book Fair, Queensbury Hotel, 11-3

November 18- Stillwater United Church Vendors Fair, 10-2

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-Review from Shannon Dahlquist, middle school student, after reading The Adventures of Silas Freethorn: A Puritan Tale

Books For Middle-School to Adult Readers

D.J. Renner's second book Raising Dad, Using Middle School Rules is set to release June 20th. Tragedy strikes a small-town Adirondack Mountains family when the mother dies in a freak accident. Leaving two middle-school grade students to figure out how move forward without their mother. The challenges grow even larger when their father begins to fall apart. Renner, a Social Studies teacher in upstate New York, combines has combined knowledge and interest in history with his experiences teaching middle school to pen stories that students, as well as many adult readers, are enjoying.   Renner is currently working on his third book, The Little Land of Loose Ends.